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About Hovercraft racing

Hovercraft racing introduced as a motor sport

Hovercraft racing is a variant of motor sport racing with a hovercraft. A hovercraft, which is also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft which can travel on land, water, snow, mud, ice, grass and all other surfaces. There are small hovercraft which are commercially manufactured and are being used as recreational hovercraft or competitive purposes such as inland racing and cruising. Hovercraft racing is usually done on race tracks, just like auto racing, but part of the racing field is water and there is some part which is grass. Just like other motor sport racing, there are various classes for hovercraft racing. There’s the formula 1, no limits on the size or number of engines. There’s the formula 2, a certain number of engines should be used, formula 50, formula J, Formula 25.

H2H hovercraft racing introduced

The H2H Races stands for Head 2 Head hovercraft racing and is a new series developed by Hovercraft Team Friuli. It was the first time an event was organised at international level with elimination type races. The event was designed around a Head to head race concept with a double elimination system. This meant that races would be able to continue until they had been eliminated twice. Until now, all hovercraft race events had been traditional racing formats with crafts racing in formula classes. By having knock out races, a new race starts every 5 minutes, it guarantees excitement for the public.
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